Bible Quiz

The Apostle Paul declares (1 Cor. 15:1-4) that the Gospel we must believe for salvation contains 3 elements:
1) Christ died for our sins;
2) He was buried; and
3) He rose again on the third day.

What does it mean that "Christ died for our sins?" What was accomplished by Christ's death, burial and resurrection on behalf of all who believe the gospel? What was the purpose (or purposes) of Christ's sacrifice on the cross of Calvary?

What are the reasons given in the Bible for the birth,death and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ? Try to think of Bible Verses to support your choices. (There are several correct answers. Click on your choices below)

Christ died for our sins...

1. so all who believe in Him can go to Heaven.

2. so all who believe in Him can have their sins forgiven.

3. To encourage us to be willing to suffer for truth.

4. To give us a new life with power to live holy lives.

5. To give us an easy life and make us happy.

6. To show us how much we are worth and build our self-esteem.

7. So we can belong to Him; Serve Him and obey Him.

8. To make us religious.

9. To save us from our sins.

10. To set us free from all sickness and pain in this life.