Since all Business Card orders must have final approval from our Design Department, the Shopping Cart PayPal option is not available for Business Card orders.

To order Business Cards, please use the PLACE ORDER link below and provide the following information in the Contact Form:

I. Type of Cards & Quantity:
        1. 50 Inkjet Business Cards ($12.95 + $2.0 shipping/handling)
        2. 100 Inkjet Business Cards ($19.95 + $3.00 shipping/handling)
        3. 1000 Premium Press-printed Business Cards (Predesigned)
            ($69.95 + $8.50 shipping/handling)
        4. 1000 Custom Premium Business Cards
            (Send information and ask for Price Quote on Custom Orders)

II. Example layout chosen from our Predesigned Business Card Library OR an Image of your choice from our Image Library:
        1. Category (Example: Cacti)
        2. Layout Name: (Example: Prickly Pear) OR Image Name & Number

III. List all text to be included on your Business Card:
        1. Company Name (and font choice)
        2. Contact information (and font choice)
        3. Any other information for your card (and font choice)
           (Our Artist will select appropriate fonts if no choice is indicated)

IV. Your preferred method of payment:
        1. PayPal
        2. Money Order
        3. Personal Check

V. Your Name and Address for Shipping

When you have filled out the Contact Form with all the above information, submit the Form. We will respond promptly.

Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards
Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards
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