Who Are We?

We are Don and Jill, a husband and wife team working together at home. We have been working together in this business since August, 1998. Before we were married Jill lived and worked in Indiana, while Don made his home in New Mexico. In those days we coordinated our work efforts via email and chat clients on the internet. We were married in September of 1999 and now make our home in New Mexico. Our home based business is presently located on the slopes of the beautiful Rio Grande Valley of Central New Mexico.

What Do We Do?

During the summer of 2000 we began experimenting with internet auction selling. At first we offered our press-printed business cards on auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo. We soon began to receive inquiries about smaller quantities of business cards so we began offering inkjet printed business cards in lots of 50 or 100 cards. These proved to be quite popular and since we could print them here in our own studio we were able to provide very fast delivery.
Soon after that we expanded our internet activities to include Address Labels, Folded Note Cards, Notepads in three different sizes and Stationery. These items have proved to be even more popular than the inkjet printed business cards.
Jill provides the artistic talent and computer graphics skills that make our products so unique, as well as maintaining all of our business records. Don handles much of the email correspondence and most of the printing. We are grateful to our many internet customers who have helped to make our business a success.

What Are Our Goals?

At Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards we are more interested in building a solid base of well satisfied repeat customers than in becoming a very large company. Our business has grown mostly by word of mouth; referrals from well satisfied customers. Although we make all the major business decisions for our business, we know that our customers ultimately determine the future of our company and we listen to them carefully. We hope to develop our website to the point that we will be able to conduct all of our business directly from our Internet Store without relying on the auction sites. Therefore we offer bonuses for items purchased directly from our website.

We are also committed Christians: Therefore our primary goal is to seek and to find God's will in every aspect of our business as well as our personal lives. We invite you to visit our personal pages by clicking on the "Soli Deo Gloria" link at the bottom of this page. Those pages represent who we really are and what is of greatest importance to us. We hope you will take the time to tour them.

What Makes Our Business Unique?

Folks who are looking for full color business cards or inkjet printed products can find many sources from which to choose. We believe that Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards offers a unique combination of design expertise, superb quality, and affordability. Jill is our ONLY designer. We intend to keep it that way. Our customers can depend on that extra attention to detail that makes Ducky's products so special.
We do not maintain a physical storefront or specific business hours. In the local aspects of our business we work by appointment with our customers at their place of business. Our internet business is conducted primarily via email. We respond promptly to all inquiries.

We are a Christian owned and operated business. We reserve the right to reject any orders containing material we deem inappropriate or that fails in any way to meet our standards.

Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards
Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards
Ducky's Deluxe Business Cards
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